Dear Players,

According to our information, players who signed up for the Hungarian Ladies Open WTA Tournament in February have received a letter from the WTA regarding the event, that may cause uncertainty.

Since then many people have asked the Debrecen Sportcentrum whether the Főnix Hall we operate will host the WTA Tournament in February?

Hereby we would like to confirm from the Debrecen Sportcentrum as many times that we will not be able to provide a venue for the competition in the city.

We have repeatedly notified the WTA management of this fact during January.

Most recently, we sent an offical letter on January 26, 2020, requesting the WTA to remove Debrecen as a venue from its website and to inform the players and all participants. The organizers did not make any reservations or lease agreements for the February WTA Tournament and Debrecen was posted on the WTA website without these documents.

We hope that this information helps to clarify the situation for the players who have signed up for the tournament.

We wish you very success!

The management of the Debrecen Sportcentrum