In compliance with the legal regulations in effect - government decree 484/2020. (XI. 10.)  - the use of immunity certificates will be mandatory at certain types of events; while in some other cases they are not required. Regulations might change in accordance with the current law so you are kindly asked to follow the official government information.

The majority of the events hosted in the Főnix Arena are not organised by our own staff, thus ticketing in most cases falls within competence of the given event organiser. In general, there is a possibility to buy tickets online practically for all events, so due to convenience and health reasons we suggest purchasing tickets through the online platform provided by the organiser. On event days tickets are usually available at the venue in the designated ticket offices. However, to reduce queuing time we strongly recommend obtaining tickets in advance.

As ticketing is always provided by the organiser of the given performance, decision on refunds is also made by them. Should you have a specific request please do not hesitate to contact us and we will forward it to the management of the given production.

The Főnix Arena is fully accessible. Wheelchair user visitors can request tickets for themselves and their companion at the event organiser or at the primary ticket seller. Please note that accessible seating is available in a limited number though.  

We like pets at least as much as our guests do, however to provide a smooth running of the performances and to avoid distracting the performers’ as well as the audience’s attention, only assistance dogs are allowed to enter the venue.

You can only consume the products bought at the buffets operated in the arena.

The number of buffets open depends on the scale of the event. In general one buffet is always available for our guests.

You can pay by cash or with a credit card in the buffets in the Főnix Arena, however to speed up sales as well as in accordance with the health recommendations, please choose paying with a credit card.

The Főnix Arena has 455 parking spaces available behind the complex. Parking is free, however the car park is not guarded.

The main entrance - the only one to the building - can be accessed from Kassai street.

Although we have properly qualified security service, it depends on the scale of interest how quickly you can get into the arena. The event organisers always set the time when doors open, it is however recommended to arrive as early as possible, as this might be the base of the smooth way of entering.

It is forbidden to take a backpack or a sports bag into the building, however we don’t mind if you have a smaller handbag or purse with you (which can fit in your lap, or under the seat). We would kindly note that all bags are searched by the security service, which might slow the process of admission.

We understand that you would like to relive the unique experiences. The use of such devices, however may disturb the majority of the audience, so we cannot give permission for their usage. Muted mobile phones are also suitable for taking photos, there are certain cases though, when the performers specifically ask for refraining from doing so. You are kindly asked to respect their request.

Nappy-changing tables are available in the accessible toilets. It is in rare cases when the events staged in the Főnix Arena are enjoyable for new-borns, infants or for very small children, so to avoid disturbing the parents and the majority of the audience, please consider attending the event without young children. 

Smoking is prohibited in and around the Főnix Arena.

In such an unfortunate case please email The more accurate description is provided about the lost item the greater the chance is that it may be returned to its rightful owner, so please be sure to include the item’s name, its brand, colour, size and shape in your message, on what day and at what event you lost it, as well as the details of your ticket. Please also attach a photo of the lost item if you can.