Top handball at Főnix Arena

Hungary and Slovakia are also preparing for their first men’s European handball championship. That way, everybody on the stands can tell on January that they will be watching sports history – so it’s worth buying a ticket to the tournament.

In addition, handball lovers in the Hungarian host cities can support new or renewable arenas that meet all needs. The 20,000-seat Budapest Multifunctional Sports Hall will continue to be one of the largest handball arenas in Europe, the New Arena in Szeged will host world stars as a worthy center for the city’s handball life, while in Debrecen the six group matches fit in with the previous, high-level sports events of the Főnix Arena. 

The co-host Hungarian national team will meet against Portugal, the Netherlands and Iceland in the group stage. The defending Spaniards will play the group matches in Bratislava, the European Championship silver medalists Croatia will fight in Szeged. The Olympic champion French team will also start the tournament in Szeged, while the world champion Danes will perform in Debrecen.

Program in Főnix Arena:

13 January 

18:00: Slovenia–North Macedonia

20:30: Denmark–Montenegro

15 January

18:00: North Macedonia–Montenegro

20:30: Slovenia–Denmark

17 January

18:00: Montenegro–Slovenia

20:30: North Macedonia–Denmark


This ticket is valid for both games on the group stage of the EHF EURO 2022 in Debrecen on the given day. 

The day ticket entitles you to admission to the game day on January 13 or 15 or 17. To buy tickets, click here!


This pass is valid for all the group stage matches (six games) of the EHF EURO 2022 in Debrecen.

The pass entitles for admission to the Debrecen group stages, between 13 and 18 January. To buy pass, click here!

XV. Férfi kézilabda-Európa-bajnokság
Category: Sportesemény
Type of tickets for sale: Csak ülő helyek
Dátum: 2022.01.13. 
Start of event: 18:00
Planned end of event: 23:00
Location: Főnix Aréna